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Connect Notion and GitHub so you can keep your workflows in sync 🧮

GitHub helps development teams and companies build, ship, and maintain their software. Use the power of Notion databases — with filters, views, relations, and more — to connect GitHub across your Notion workflows.

You will need to be both a Notion workspace owner and a GitHub org admin to connect Notion and the GitHub workspace app.

  • Go to Settings & members on the top of the sidebar.

  • Click on My connections and find GitHub (Workspace).

  • Click Connect and go through the authentication flow.

The GitHub Pull Request property inside your Notion database will automatically keep your cross-functional teams informed of task statuses.

  • In your database, add a new property with the + button at the top right.

  • Select GitHub Pull Requests.

  • If you don't already have a unique ID property, you'll be prompted to create one.

  • Then continue with one of the following:

With a GitHub URL:

  • Open the page of the Task you want to attach a PR to, and click on the empty GitHub Pull Requests property.

  • Paste in the URL of your GitHub PR and click + Add Page.

With a Notion unique ID:

  • Copy the unique ID of the Notion task you want to link.

  • Paste the ID anywhere in the title of the GitHub PR.

  • The PR should appear in the GitHub Pull Requests property.

Automate task status updates

You can use the GitHub Pull Requests property to automatically update the status of your tasks in Notion.

  • Select the title of your GitHub Pull Requests property and click Edit property.

  • Find the Auto-update section and select the status property you want to update from the drop down menu.

  • Select the task status to be set when the GitHub PR is Opened, Review Requested, Approved, and Merged.

  • Now when the PR progresses in GitHub, your task status in Notion will be updated automatically based on your settings.

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