Everything you need to plan your summer getaway

Embark on unforgettable journeys and plan your summer vacation with Notion! These curated Notion templates are designed to make your travel planning seamless.

Whether you're tracking national parks, mapping out train routes, or indulging in local cuisine, we've got you covered. From the grandeur of wilderness to the charm of cities, effortlessly craft your itineraries and make the most of every adventure. Perfect for wanderlust seekers yearning for well-organized explorations.

1National Park Tracker

Visit all 63 US National Parks. Track your progress until you visit them all. Discover new parks based on their popularity or sort by the best season to visit.

A template preview for National Park Tracker

2Plan a Trip (w/ Notion AI)

Feeling wanderlust? Get some inspiration from Notion AI.

Simply type what kinds of themes come to mind, and let Notion AI plan you a full itinerary with your dream trip.

A template preview for Plan a Trip (w/ Notion AI)

3Amtrak Route Tracker

If you're planning a trip by train in the United States, Amtrak is one of the most popular options. Amtrak offers a variety of train routes that connect different cities across the country. Track trips and plan new ones with this easy-to-use Notion Template.

A template preview for Amtrak Route Tracker

4The Ultimate Trip Planning Template

The Ultimate Trip Planning Template helps you organize the perfect vacation! It contains templates for both solo and group trips for single and multi-city vacations. Organize your itinerary in a beautiful way, keep track of every little task, and never miss a coveted restaurant reservation.

A template preview for The Ultimate Trip Planning Template

5Wanderlust Planner

All in one travel planner for Individual

A template preview for Wanderlust Planner

6Eat Like a Dubai Local

It helps find the best restaurants in Dubai that only local knows about them.

A template preview for Eat Like a Dubai Local

750 U.S. States Quest

Track your progress and prepare your next adventure on your way to see every corner of the US.

-Pre-built database with info for all 50 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ States

-Each State has its own page to help you plan your journey

-After visiting, check the βœ…, add your photos, & prepare for the next State on your the list!

A template preview for 50 U.S. States Quest

8Group trip planner

This template provides a simple, collaborative place to plan a group trip. Travelers can contribute as little or as much as they like. This template serves as a centralized document to keep track of payments, schedules, logistics, and more.

A template preview for Group trip planner

9AI-Powered Japan Trip Planner

Japan is notoriously difficult to plan for. The logistics, options, culture shift, and cost can make it really challenging to keep everything organized and sort through all the choices. Notion mixed with AI is the perfect planning companion. Use the same planner I used to plan my own Japan trip!

A template preview for AI-Powered Japan Trip Planner

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