8 templates to help you find love

Whether you're navigating the exciting world of dating or looking for ways to enhance your existing relationship, Notion has you covered. From organizing your dating life and sparking engaging conversations to planning unforgettable bachelorette weekends and simplifying the wedding planning process, this collection of templates offers a variety of tools to support you every step of the way. Whether you're a single, ready to mingle, or a mature couple seeking to strengthen your bond, explore this collection and find the perfect template to enhance your love life and build a meaningful connection.

1Dating Organizer

Take control of your romantic journey with our ready-to-use Dating Organizer Template! This template is designed to help you gain clarity on what you're looking for and stay aligned with your values and priorities.

A template preview for Dating Organizer

2Conversation Starters

Ignite engaging conversations effortlessly with our Conversation Starter Template! Boost your confidence, deepen connections, and say goodbye to awkward silences.

A template preview for Conversation Starters

3Couple Planner

Introducing Notion Daily Planner For Couples, a delightful couple planner designed to ease any couple into the world of digital organization! Start by using a unified layout in different color schemes, allowing each of them to establish individual habits as beginners in Notion.

A template preview for Couple Planner

4Couple Bucket List

Fall in love again, with the Couple Bucket List template designed to kindle shared passions and dreams with a delightful array of adventures. Infuse your own magic into this template as you create cherished memories and tailor it uniquely to your journey as a couple!

A template preview for Couple Bucket List

5Minimalist Wedding Invite

Minimalist wedding template, designed to be used with super.so. To use this template, edit the details to reflect accurate wedding details, create a google form to track RSVPs, add the form to the template, and copy the template URL into your super.so website to generate a aesthetic wedding invite website.

A template preview for Minimalist Wedding Invite

6All In One Wedding Planner Notion Template

Organize your dream wedding stress-free & stay on a budget!
Navigate seamlessly from the Checklist, Timeline, Budget Tracker, Venue, Guests, Seating Plan, Honeymoon Planner & More.
Bonus: the Wedding Survival Guide, packed with valuable tips & tricks.

A template preview for All In One Wedding Planner Notion Template

7Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

Plan and organize your bachelorette weekend party/trip all in Notion and text or email everyone your personalized weblink of the itinerary (a mini website). Your guests do not need to download Notion, they can view the itinerary like a website on their devices.

A template preview for Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

8Relationship Blueprint for Mature Couples

The Relationship Blueprint for Mature Couples Notion template serves as a guided platform for mature couples to delve into substantial conversations about their shared values and relationship goals. By offering thought-provoking prompts across 22 essential relationship categories, it fosters deeper empathy, understanding, and mutual respect. This template assists couples in identifying areas of alignment and potential growth, contributing to a more harmonious, fulfilling relationship. Ultimately, it provides the means to continually strengthen their partnership, helping them to navigate life's challenges together more effectively.

A template preview for Relationship Blueprint for Mature Couples

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