Digital Marketing Service

What We Do:

SAKURAS provides marketing service through the PESO marketing modeling.

By branding corporates and individuals from all angles, SAKURAS aims to expand consumer segments of our clients.

Why We Do:

Branding a product and collecting fans is value.

As cross media/ cross border media branding expands and individualization of demand progresses, digital marketing becomes essential to reach consumers.

How We Do:

Paid Media

  • Follower Growth: SAKURAS selects and executes the perfected timing to shoot social media marketing and advertisements.

Earned Media

  • Community Management: SAKURAS manages relations between corporate and individual media influencers and their fans to create a strong bond between the producers and the consumers.

Shared Media

  • Data Marketing: By analyzing digital marketing variables (dates, targeting segments, trends, etc.), SAKURAS consults and executes effective media contents.
  • Growth Management: Post KPI definition, SAKURAS will achieve followers, reach, engagement, and other KPI goals.

Owned Media

  • Website Development: SAKURAS develops owned media websites with unique designs and features, customized to effectively influence clients' consumers.
  • "Slide of the Day": Professional infographic developers of SAKURAS will develop and manage graphic contents for the client's social media platforms.




  • 1000 / 1000