What We Do:

SAKURAS provides full service (lighting, camera, tripod, microphone, and editing tools) for producing YouTube channels and photo shoots for celebrities, influencers and enterprises.

SAKURAS is the optimum environment to begin, grow and produce through the media channel.

Why We Do:

SAKURAS aims to empower talented individuals.

In the era of influencer marketing, the importance of individual digital creators is advancing.  We seek to multiply the ability of these digital creators by providing strategy and technology to their media productions.

How We Do:

There are many YouTubers and influencers in SAKURAS that possess the knowledge of content structure, upload time, platform selection and other key elements to maximize digital consumer interaction. 

Using these intangible assets, SAKURAS manages and proposes strategies to achieve clients' KPI.

YouTube Channel Produced by SAKURAS:




  • 1000 / 1000