Multi-job workers are welcome

None of us is a full-timer.

Members at Sakuras only work for 100 hours per month.

They are enjoying the rest of the time, some are engaged in other jobs, some are spending their time with their family, and some are going back to homeland. 

Enjoy moratorium!

Spending a moratorium period is important for students who want to stop and reconsider their lives, and also for entrepreneurs preparing for their business.

We are the "business athletes" with the highest quality standard.

We are all high-performers having the work done in very high quality standard, further more than expected, just like the star players in the professional sports team.

We accept students as part of our team.

We are also supporting the students to become "Shakai-jin (社会人)", social citizens.

In Japan, young people are usually trained as social citizens after joining the company.

However, as the Japanese lifetime employment system collapsed, companies do not have the capacity to train new recruits.

We train young talented people as interns so they will become  "business athletes".