Open Title: Vice President

Open Positions: 

  1. Account Executive - Manage Client Relations
      • Client of Supervisory: Major Publishing Company AB, Major Television Broadcasting Company 
  2. Product Leader - Manages and executes projects / products
      • Filed of Supervisory: Video Production, Content Marketing Operation, Business Card Game, New Products (VTuber, Blockchain, Big Data, etc.)
  3. Manager - Supervises and mandates corporate functions
      • Field of Supervisory: Business Development, Human Resources


  • Individuals who can share our mission, vision, and values.
  • A self-driven professional with high quality standard and high level commitment.


Work Time - 100 hours/ month

Work Place - Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Contract Period - 3 Months

Salary - 1,000,000 JPY (Salary of 3 Months)

Multi-Job Workers are Welcome

None of SAKURAS members are full-time workers.

Members at SAKURAS only work for 100 hours per month.

Some of us take a break for the rest of their time, some do other jobs, some spend their time with their family, and some go back to their homelands. 

Enjoy the Moratorium!

Spending a moratorium period is important especially for students who want to stop, self-examine and reconsider their lives. 

A moratorium period can also be valuable for future entrepreneurs who may be preparing for their business. 

We are the "Business Athletes" with the Highest Standard

We demand high performance from each other.

We constantly demand for more and aim to achieve more than expected, similar to star athletes.

SAKURAS Students

We welcome students into the SAKURAS team.

We are passionate about supporting students to become "Shakai-jin (社会人)", or socially responsible citizens.

In Japanese society, young individuals are typically trained to become socially responsible  individuals after joining a company.

However in the coming future, the same expectation cannot be held, as the Japanese lifetime employment system is collapsing. Companies may not have sufficient resources to train new recruits.

We train young talented individuals as interns so they can grow into "business athletes."

Early "Business Athlete" Development Programs

SAKURAS provides summer camps, seminars, workshops, and internship programs for students, with the goal of developing "student athletes" at an early stage. SAKURAS aims to free talented individuals from societal limitations and expand their limits. 

Examples of past programs: