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GitLab helps you automate the build, integration, and verification of your code. Notion’s integration with GitLab helps you bring merge requests, projects, commits, and issues directly into your Notion workspace, so that your team can collaborate in one place. Use a link preview to see GitLab merge requests and issues directly in a Notion page, or a synced database to bring GitLab repositories into Notion as databases – and use database filters, views, rollups, and relations to connect GitLab data across your workflows.

How to use

  • To preview GitLab merge requests and issues in Notion, paste a GitLab link into Notion, then select Paste as preview. You can also type /gitlab in any Notion page and a menu will appear, allowing you to paste links directly. If it’s your first time using GitLab with Notion, you will be prompted to authorize the integration. Follow the prompts to complete the authorization process. Once authorized, you will see a detailed preview of the linked content

  • To sync GitLab with a Notion database, paste the GitLab link into Notion and select Paste as database. Learn more about Notion's synced databases

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